Year 2011
Authors Chao, Chang-Po
Paper Title L. D. Liao, M. L. Li, H. Y. Lai, Y. Y. Shih, Y. C. Lo, S. Tsang, Paul C.-P. Chao, C. T. Lin, F. S. Jaw, Y. Y. Chen*, 2010, “Imaging Brain Hemodynamic Changes during Rat Forepaw Electrical Stimulation Using Functional Photoacoustic Microscopy,” NeuroImage, Vol. 52, No. 2, pp. 562-570. (SCI Journal, Impact Factor =5.739, NSC 96-2220-E-009-029, NSC97-2220-E-009-029, and NSC 97-2221-E-007-084-MY3).
Date of Publication 2011-08-03