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研究實驗室 網路通訊實驗室Ⅱ 張仲儒
研究實驗室 通訊與網路研究室 Current Research Interests 1. Generalized opportunistic communications a. Efficient preamble and spreading sequences and protocol designs for cognitive radio (CR) based spread spectrum systems. b. Optimal and near optimal radio resource allocation schemes for non-orthogonal channel based systems with latency and fairness constraints. c. Combining resource allocation, scheduling and routing for cooperative MIMO networks. d. Distributed-cooperative spectrum sensing schemes using quantized local information and compressive sampling/detection. 2D and 3D location-spectrum and noise temperature map reconstruction for exploring new degrees of freedom in signal transmission. e. Interference control for two-tier location-aware femto cell systems that minimizes intra-tier and cross-tier interference for optimal cell coverage and maximum network capacity. f. Game theoretic approach for opportunistic and resource optimized communications. 2. Inner Transceiver Design: Precoding, Synchronization, Channel Estimation, Interference Cancellation and Suppression a. Reduced-complexity nonlinear MIMO transceiver design and performance analysis.. b. Efficient cell search and link acquisition methods for hierarchical multicell OFDMA systems. c. Network synchronization for hierarchical and ad hoc networks. 3. Advanced Error-Control Schemes and Sequence Design a. HARQ protocols for multiuser MIMO-OFDMA systems that take into account transmission scheduling, power/rate control, precoding and cooperative relay/coding. b. Serialized and stochastic LDPC code decoding: structures, scheduling and convergence analysis. c. Annealed and randomized belief propagation algorithms for binary networks. d. Cyclic code based preamble sequences design for OFDMA networks. 蘇育德
研究實驗室 網路通訊實驗室Ⅴ 方凱田
研究實驗室 通訊系統設計與訊號處理實驗室I ‧第五代行動通訊系統設計與信號處理 ‧行動通訊之人工智慧自我優化 ‧動態定位與追蹤技術 ‧三維波束成型演算法開發 李大嵩
研究實驗室 寬頻通訊及訊號處理實驗室 本實驗室研究的主要方向為寬頻無線通訊及相關訊號處理技術研究、MIMO-OFDM高效能基頻傳收機設計、毫米波無線通訊技術、無線全雙工通訊系統及前瞻性下世代無線通訊(5G/B5G/6G)技術研究等。 吳文榕
研究實驗室 微波與毫米波實驗室 微波電路設計與整合 天線設計
研究實驗室 信息理論實驗室 At the moment there are several research projects running, all of them centered around the analysis of the maximum amount of information that can be transmitted over a certain communication system, the so called capacity. Specifically, our research time is concentrated on the following questions: What are the fundamental limitations of wireless communication systems? What are the fundamental limitations of wireless optical communication systems? What are the fundamental limitations of wired optical communication systems? What is the high-SNR capacity of flat fading channels? In particular we are interested in the second term of the high-SNR asymptotic expansion of capacity, the fading number. How can we find approximations to the exact capacity using numerical methods and computer simulation or computation? How does the high-SNR capacity of flat fading channels change, if instead of several antennas at the transmitter we have several (independent) users with only one antenna? How sensitive our high-SNR capacity results to changes of the channel model?
研究實驗室 行動寬頻無線通訊實驗室 合作式通訊系統 寬頻無線通訊系統 分散式訊號處理 非同調通訊 伍伍紹勳
研究實驗室 應用電力電子控制實驗室(APEC Lab.) 電力電子 變頻控制 DSP/FPGA 控制實現 陳鴻祺
研究實驗室 網路通訊實驗室ⅤII / Bun Lab 通訊協定與演算法設計 無線網路佈建與效能優化 通訊技術整合與應用 林亭佑
研究實驗室 混沌系統與訊號處理實驗室 ■ 多媒體訊號壓縮與 SoC 設計 ■ 影像辨識與處理 ■ 控制系統理論與設計 ■ ITS 智慧車安全與控制系統 ■ 3C 系統整合設計 ■ 可攜式電腦週邊嵌入式系統 吳炳飛
研究實驗室 電機與生醫整合實驗室 / 投影顯示技術實驗室 生醫整合與IC設計 生醫IC 感測晶片 檢測晶片設計 超頻譜 生醫影像超頻譜 色彩影像超頻譜 數位典藏超頻譜 生醫膠囊 膠囊內視鏡 影像還原 影像處理 顯示技術 高溫矽晶液晶投影機 反射式液晶投影機 液晶電視與顯示器 高畫質背投影電視 反射振鏡式投影機 LED/雷射顯示技術 高畫質影像處理技術 動態Gamma調校技術 色彩重現技術 影像壓縮技術 色彩心理學 光學檢測技術 斐佐式光學干涉儀 干涉式顯微鏡 非球面光學干涉儀 非接觸式光學檢測技術 光學工程 微小光機電學技術 快速全像光學成像技術 全像光學元件 光學生物技術 歐陽盟
研究實驗室 非線性控制與應用實驗室 廖德誠
研究實驗室 類神經網路與影像辨識實驗室 人臉影像辨識系統 多媒體影像壓縮技術 自動化生醫影像辨識 智慧型交通控制系統 3D材質分析與模擬 林昇甫(108.6.30退休)
研究實驗室 通訊訊號處理實驗室 ● Wired communication
● DMT/VDSL system
● Equalization technique
● Windowing technique
● Wireless communication
● MIMO system
● Precoding technique
● Limited feedback design
研究實驗室 電子產業控制實驗室 Specific Motor Research Wafer Probe Station Single chip Solution Laser Marking System e-home 林錫寬(111退)
研究實驗室 進化式演算實驗室 1. Self-Learning FNN (SLFNN) with Optimal On-Line Tuning for Water Injection Control in a Turbo Charged Automobile. 2. Real-Time Hardware Implementation of Intelligent Adaptive Fuzzy Neural Network Controller For Uncertain Nonlinear Systems.
研究實驗室 智慧感測實驗室 生醫光電影像感測技術及IC (1)新型易穿戴非侵入及無氣囊式且無線之脈搏血壓感測器 (美盛醫電) 非線性動力與控制系統 (1)光碟機滾珠型自動平衡的設計與實作驗證 (合作單位: 建興電子) (2)光碟機四弦型三軸光學讀寫頭控制器設計與實作驗證 (合作單位:工研院) (3)微機電聲系統動態建模、設計與前置讀取IC電路設計 (4)Hula-hoop微獵能器及其儲能機電路設計與製作 (合作廠商:電子) 光電整合及介面電子電路 (1)手機相機防手震機構、控制器與驅動電路 (合作單位:工研院、力相) (2)焦距可調式液晶透鏡設計、控制與實作 (合作單位:鴻海) (3)2D/3D 觸控面板、姿勢感測與其讀取晶片系統 (合作單位:工研院、鴻海) (4)新型有機發光二極體(AMOLED)驅動電路製作與實現 (合作單位:友達) (5)AC-DC整流式電能幫浦電路設計與製作 趙昌博
研究實驗室 混合信號電路實驗室 Analog IC Design High Speed Transceiver Clock Synchronization Analog / Digital IC Testing Design for Test 蘇朝琴
研究實驗室 低功率混合系統信號晶片設計實驗室 Smart DC-DC converter with power management Current Mode DC-DC Buck Converter with on-Chip Capacitor Multiplier High-Efficiency Low Noise Converter for DVS and Power Management System One-Cycle Control Buck Converter for DVS with Dynamic Width Control and Error Correction Loops 65K color OLED controller and driver DC-AC Inverter 陳科宏
研究實驗室 電力電子系統與晶片實驗室 Sensorless Motor Control Techniques FPGA SOPC Power & Motor Control Multi-Level Converters Power Converters for Smart Grids Energy Recycling Systems Digital PFC/PWM Control Techniques Digital Motor Control ICs Digital Power Management ICs 鄒應嶼
研究實驗室 微系統與控制實驗室 邱俊誠
研究實驗室 系統晶片實驗室 董蘭榮
研究實驗室 微光電系統晶片實驗室 邱一
研究實驗室 感官多媒體/中醫系統晶片實驗室 黃聖傑
研究實驗室 Autonomous Vehicle and Intelligent Robot Lab 蕭得聖
研究實驗室 腦科學研究中心
研究實驗室 即時嵌入式系統實驗室 RTES Lab is a new laboratory established on July 4th, 2004. The lab primarily focuses on the researches of embedded and real-time operating systems, network security, software obfuscation, voice-over-IP, network quality, etc. Headed by Professor Yu-Lun Huang, who expertizes in embedded software design and has years of practical experiences in the embedded industry, RTES lab members have been growing to more than ten members in the past two years. The lab equips with several desktop and laptop computers, evaluation boards with various embedded processors, Bluetooth development SDK, FPGAs, ZigBee, RFID EV boards, logical analyzers and oscillators. You are welcome to visit our laboratory and enjoy a trip to the world of embedded systems. 黃育綸
研究實驗室 嵌入式系統設計實驗室 胡竹生
研究實驗室 智慧型系統控制整合實驗室 e-Robotics 智慧型機器人 Image Processing and Computer Vision 影像處理及電腦視覺 宋開泰